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The Vigil

Their Majesties put me on vigil, Friday night after great court at Gulf War. I sat vigil from 8:30 pm to 4:00 am when we finally had to close it down, because everyone was exhausted. I received some very good advice from a great number of people, and lots of love and positivity.

The reception we amazing, as they did a champagne and chocolate extravaganza for me...two of my favorite things. Baroness Medb coordinated all the food, and Lady Gillian cordinated the decorations. There were champage fountains going, a white chocolate fountain, a milk chocolate fountain, and a dark chocolate about decadent.

I felt a bit like a superstar, as people were arguing and fussing to get in to see, and some waited four or five hours to get in. When I learned that, I was immensly humbled and grateful. Three sitting crowns came through my vigil: Their Majesties Gleann Abhann, Their Majesties Ansteorra, and Her Majesty of the East. It was definitely a night to remember - I hope you enjoy the pics