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The Pelican Dress

Gown based on Elizabeth I's Pelican portrait for Mistress Jane Beaumont

This gown was a bitch!!! I mean that in the nicest possible way. I thought it would be cool to do Elizabeth's dress from The Pelican Portrait for a Pelican friend of mine, Mistress Jane Beaumont. The goal was to enter this in kingdom A&S two years ago, and I met that goal. The gown is inspired by, but not identical to the one in the portrait as I made some aesthetic and time constraint changes. This gown was NOT an act of costuming it was a feat of engineering!

This was my first foray into Gleann Abhann A&S, and I wanted to make quite an impact. I had found white lead, and I tried to convince Jane to let me mix up a batch of Ceruse (white lead make up) and let me put it on her. After all, lead is a cumulative poison and one wearing wouldn't kill her....but, she said no! So we had to settle on white costume make up thinned to look like Ceruse. Ah well!

So I entered the gown, and I did make an impression. However, there were some points of contention that I had with. However, with anything subjective there will always be something you aren't going to agree wit. It was an awesome learning experience, and Jane ended up wearing this dress for my elevation when she spoke as one of my worthies.