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The Library

Here are all the costuming related books I reference - I could definitely use more. If you have any questions about a book, please let me know

Medieval Art, James Snyder Painting - Sculpture, and Architecture from the 4th-14th centuries 509 pages

Northen Renaissance Art, James Snyder - Painting, Sculpture, and the graphic arts from 1350-1575, 559pages

A Visual history of Costume: the sixteenth century, Jane Ashelford - Sixteenth century clothing 143 photocopy What Life was Like in the Age of Chivalry Time-Life Medieval Europe 800-1500, 165pages

Clothing and Crafts in Medieval Europe, Imogen Dawson - kids costuming book, 31pages

Clothing in the Middle Ages, Lynne Elliott - kids costuming book, 32pages

Dressing Renaissance Florence, Carole Collier Fricke - Families, Fortunes, and fine clothing in Renaissance Florence, 339pages

Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine clothing, Mary G houston - decent beginning classical costuming book, 181pages

Renaissance Clothing and the Materials of Memory, Ann Rosalind Jones - how clothing influenced and was influenced by 16th century culture 368pages

The Artifice of Beauty, Sally Pointer - A History and Practical Guide to Perfumes and cosmetics, 301pages

Tailors Pattern Book, Juan De Alcega - period book on laying out patterns 100+pages

Vecellio's Rennaisance Costume Book, Cesare Vecellio - all 500 woodcuts from 16th century clothing compendium, 156pages

Daily Life in Elizabethan England, Jeffery L Singman - culture of Elizabethan England, 220pages

Costumers handbook Rosemary Ingham - How to make all kinds of costumes, 294pages

Stage Costume techniques, Joy Spanabel Emery - Costuming techniques for the theatre, 361pages

Medieval Clothing and Costumes Margaret Scott kids costuming book 64

The Honest Courtesan Margaret Rosenthal The Life of Veronica Franco in 16th century Venice 389

The Elizabethan World Lacy Baldwin Smith Elizabethan Culture and Life 332

Dress in the Middle Ages Francoise Manne survey of medieval clothing 165

The Costume Designers Handbook Rosemary Ingham complete guide for amateur to professional costume designers 225

The Elizabethan World Picture EMW Tillard Elizabethan Culture and Life 115

Medieval clothing and how to recreate it Dorothy Hartly how to make patterns and design medieval clothing 142

Encountering Medieval Textiles and Dress Desiree G Koslin Objects, Images, and texts 269

Medieval Costume in England and France Mary G houston 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries 228

The Tudor Tailor Ninya Mikhalia Techniques and patterns for making historically accurate period clothing 160

Patterns of Fashion Janet Arnold The cut and construction of clothes for men and women 1560-1620 128

Patterns of Fashion 4 Janet Arnold The cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear, and accessories for men and women 1540-1660 128

Patterns of Fashion 1 Janet Arnold Englishwomen's dress and their construction 1660-1860 78

Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd Janet Arnold The bible of Elizabethan Costume 375

Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII Maria Hayward The Bible of Middle tudor Costuming 458