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Striped Silk Damask Eleanor of Toledo inspired Dress


My friend Nastasia purchased some fabric that she would like for me to make a dress that is similar to the Eleanor of Toledo gown

The fabric is a lovely silk damask with a rather "interesting" stripe patter as you can see.  

It's actually rather pretty, and the colorrs are very rich. The only realy issue is that I am having a hard time finding gowns of that time period with those kind of stripes, but I am going to keep looking. I have a feeling I am going to cut the bodice on the bias so I have a lovely chevron pattern to the stripes.

I ordered an ecru linen for the lining and the under dress, and I will probably use a cotton canvas as an interlining for the bodice of the under gown. and use a regular weight linen for the interlining of the bodice of the dress.

will have more pictures to come

Here is a picture of the front of the bodice just having been cut out and pieced together to get the chevron effect from the stripes...looks good,and I think it will achieve the aesthetic that I am going for.