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I am in the process of making this outfit for my stepping down as Baron of Axemoor in August, 2011. I am not going to do a sewing diary per se, but I will put up new photos and thoughts on my progress as the spirit moves me :-)

It is 100 percent wool lined with linen, and it is completely being hand sewn.

Here is the base and sleeves of the waffenrock

The sleeves and bases have been cut out, and the guards have been applied to one sleeve and the base. I am about halfway done with the slashing on the guards at this point, too.

This photo is the end of the next day - I have finished the slashing and applying the guards. I am about halfway done with the applique. You can see the concept emerging that by using the applique and slashing I am creating a counter-changed Laurel wreath for the guards on my bases and sleeves. It's looking pretty bomb at this point!