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Clothing in the Court of Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy 1430 - 1455

This 757 page French Doctoral Dissertation by Sophie Jolivet is a very exciting project to have found. She draws on many contemporary wardrobe accounts, inventories, tailor's notes and household book keeping to present one of the most comprehensive works on clothing in this time period.

This translation project is a partnership between Katherine Barich (Mistress Katerine De Saint Brieuc), and myself. With a project this massive, it will take some time. I am providing link to the dissertation below as well as links to translated sections as they are completed. K is doing the bulks of translations from French, and I am assisting with translations as well as adding notes based on my own thoughts, definitions, and rewording where absolutely necessary for clarity.

If participating in this project is interesting to you, please let me know - we would love for extra assistance in making this resource available to non-French speaking researchers .

Full 700+ page Dissertation (French)


1.2 General Considerations

The Furs 1.1.2 Men's Robes Men's Doublets Men's Jaques and Jaquets Men's Haincelaines (Bastard Houppelandes) Men's Huques Men's Paletots