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Octavia's Gown

I don't have very many pictures of the clothing

I made before I left the SCA in 2001. What I do have are pictures of two garments that I made right before I left.The First is a gown that I made for Her Majesty Octavia in 1999 to attend a coronation in Calontir...I think! The gown itself is in the style of the one of a French gown worn early in Elizabeth's reign. Octavia gave me the fabric, and it was this burgundy metallic taffeta that was absolutely the worst thing I could imagine to work with. However, as she was the queen and this is what she wanted - I was determined to make it happen. I paired the plastic fabric with a cotton velveteen, but I tried to leave the burgundy fabric as intact and unbroken to the eye as possible on the gown. The key to working with shiny fabrics is to make it look like you haven't really done much to them. When you overwork a fabric with a luster it tends to look cheap. I beaded the stomacher area of the bodice with many gold-filled beads and created the spiral slashed sleeves based on the ones in the portrait of Isabel of Valois seen here.

I used a black gimp braid along the the hem of the gown to tie it together with the black. I also made a black velvet forepart with gold gimp braid. The final picture of the gown was taken a few months ago at my elevation...still looks pretty good!