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Mary-Grace's Elevation Gown

Mary- Grace was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Gulf War XIX by TRM William II and Onora II. We looked at several pictures for inspiration, and ultimately settled on a gown inspired by a portrait of Antonio Moro's and a portrait of Mary Tudor.

Essentiallyit is a very simple yet elegant French gown with mahoitered sleeves. The sleeves are trimmed in real fur to match the forepart that I made for her last coronation - the ermine one.

This gown ended up looking stunning on her, and I am very proud of how it turned out. I did not use a sewing machine on this gown once - it is %100 hand sewn. And you know you love someone when you are hand sewing real fur.

The gown it self is made from a green silk/poly upholstery velvet that had a wonderful weight and hand to it. The sheen was stunning, and it looked fantastic. Since her personal colors are green, gold and white - we opted to used the forepart I made for her last coronation instead of trying to make something completely new - I was a sewing demon, because I made two elevation gowns for this war.

Anyway, I am exceptionally proud of how the mahoitered "falconcrest" sleeves turned out - creating the pattern for them was a bit of a pain in the neck! If you want a copy, let me know