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The Houppelande of John of Goerlitz, or the Prague Houppelande

The only Houppelande that I know of is the funerary robe og John of Goerlitz, which now is housed in the Prague Castle museum. I have been obsessed with this garments, because the Houppelande/Robe of the 14th and 15th centuries has been a passion of mine for years. The Prague Houppelande has been a bit of an enigma for me, because though it is the only extant Houppleande I am aware of, there is not much written about it. What there is written is not in English. There is an article on the garment for Archeolgica Historica by Milena Bravermenova written in Czech. In desperation to read this article, I hired someone to translate it, and what was included in the article was very beneficial to know. Because there is not much out there on this garment other than some pictures, I want to make information available to everyone who would like it.

Below is a PDF of the original article with pictures and word doc of the translation. I hope you enjoy and find this as useful as I have.

Original Article PDF