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Burgundy velvet and mink houppealande

I did two mock ups for the outfit, because I waned to focus on different aspects. For this outfit, I ws focused on getting the drape of the outfit right. Having the drape correct impacts how the pleats fall and how the neckline opens up on the shoulders.

I also used this outfit as an opportunity to take lots of photos on sewing fur, as it has a mink border on the hem, cuffs and collar.

Eventually I will have a full sewing diary for this outfit, but right now I am trying to overhaul most of the pages on the website, so I am providing pictures with some cursory explanations

This is the basic premise for the body construction of this houppeland:

The first drawing is based on the G63 garment and the second line drawinf is my own to illusstrate in a very basic sense how the garment is to be constructed.