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Greetings and welcome to my small space on the web!

This website is dedicated to my projects, endeavors, and my life and times in the Society for Creative Anachronism...

You know, that thing I do on the weekends where I dress funny!

I am known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Master Charles Pierre de Bourbon, and I am a member of the order of the Laurel.

I started in the SCA in the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) where I played for almost eleven years. I then moved to the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and part of Tennessee) in the Barony of Axemoor. (New Orleans). I was formerly the territorial Baron of the Barony of Axemoor, which is the greater New Orleans area. I resided in Gleann Abhann for 6 years before moving to my current home.

I currently live in the Kingdom of An Tir in the Barony of Madrone, which is the greater Seattle area. I took a four year hiatus from the SCA, and I started playing again in May of 2014.

In the last four years, there have been some significant changes in my life which have shaped how I am coming back to the SCA and how I play the game:

  • I moved cross-country from New Orleans to Seattle for work
  • I met someone very special
  • I lost 150 pounds 



These changes have made a significant impact on how I am returning to the SCA, and how I am choosing to play the game. I no longer own any clothes that fit me - while this is reason for celebration, I don't have the time to build up a new wardrobe on my own, so I am commissioning very talented folks to help me build up a new collection. This will free me up to work on projects that are meaningful to me without feeling the pressure to create a wardrobe. Secondly, my partner does not play in the SCA, and he has no desire to start at this point. This means I will have to balance my personal hobby with our life. It's bound to be really interesting! Finally, I plan to do the art that I want to do; I know that sounds odd, but often artisans are pressured to deliver specific items or on a certain timeline and it can burn you out. Fortunately I am meeting so many incredibly talented folks that I am feeling reinvigorated and re-inspired to create again! Stay tuned for more....

My passions in the SCA are Late period costuming (1400-1600), cooking, poetry and event planning. Though with my return to the SCA, I have become much more focused on 15th century France, specifically Burgundy, and I will be spending a good amount of time in this place and time.

When I joined the SCA, I had no idea how to sew...the closest thing I had ever come to sewing was moving my mother's old Singer sewing machine. 

The first SCA event I went to, I decided I was going to make my own garb, because I didn't care for what people had to offer as loaner stuff. I had this very strong idea of how I wanted to look, and I was going to make it happen.

And happen it did!

I found some old sheets (they seemed old....later I found out that they were my mothers GOOD winter flannel sheets) and I sat down at the sewing machine with the insturction book for the Singer and went to town.

I taught myself how to sew...sort of!

I sewed a semi-straight seam and then proceeded to make this Tunic-thing that laced up the front and this wretched WRETCHED hat that involved a rolled up piece of the flannel wrapped in a leather thong as a brim for a scottish Tam.

In retrospect, I looked a hot mess!

But, that's how I got started sewing....the SCA made me do it!

I found Elizabethan not much longer after that when I went to my first event. I saw the then Baroness of the group wandering through the merchant area in this gown that was to my eyes the most awesome thing I had ever seen. I knew...simply knew I wanted to be in that period and make such beautiful clothing. I asked around and eventually found out that she was wearing an Elizabethan gown.


I went home and started researching...and by researching, I mean checking out anything and Eveything in my local library that had to do with the Elizabethan era...literature books, art books, political science books, anything and everything.

I had found my period!

My second piece of garb was an Elizabethan outfit of green velvet and white satin. To this day I cringe at the thought of sewing velvet and satin together :-) It was another hot mess with a zipper in the doublet and elastic in the pants. The concept of authenticity had not begun to creep in yet.

Eventually two local baroness (love ya Dena and Amberlea) who are very talented seamstress took me under their collective wings and taught me some basics of sewing. Then some very talented costuming Laurels (Kassilda, Ariella and Jehanne) encouraged me to look into how things we constructed in period, and they further instructed me in the ways of period construction.

That's when I found Janet Arnold, who to this day I consider my own Patron Saint!

The rest, as they say, is history.... I will have been in 15 years by the time I am Laureled (with a five year break) and from a flannel Tunic of questionable origins, I have made a very interesting trip.

This is what the SCA is and can be...taking someone with untapped potential and turning them into an amazing artisan, worker, or fighter. It happens again and again, and it amazes me every time I see the caterpillar turn into the butterfly...whether it's in the arts, in combat, or in service it is still the same. The SCA provides so much to so many, and for me it will always have a very special place in my heart

As this site progresses, I will post more pictures of clothing I have done, articles I have written, classes I have taught or documentation that I have put together.

I hope you enjoy the site, and that you find something on it useful to furthering your research into period clothing. I am very passionate about this subject, and I hope to work further towards increasing my own knowledge on the subject and sharing it with you.